Side Program:

Capturing echoes

a photographic narration by Michał Krawczyk and Giulia Lepori

The exhibition comes from the travelling-project Echoes of
Ecologies: an itinerant research in South America on ecological and social
sustainability, according to the oscillation of local and global inputs and
considering sustainability as a dynamic learning process towards a way of
being. 9000Km through Brazil, Argentina, Paraguay and Bolivia to
document the reasons and manners of people moving towards a
sustainable life. A multi-sited mobile fieldwork accompanied by the idea
that ecology too is on the move. The project does not have an end, except
the temporal one of the travel, as it is intended like a research within the
research: a continuous study that becomes a way to be. The authors
recount the experiences of those who gradually acquire sustainability by
modifying various aspects of their lives, while at the same time they are
onto a similar discovery cycle. Throughout the ethnographic mobility,
photography and word were used as research methods to express the
encountered eco-social practices, which were then recollected in the
photo-narrative blog

Capturing Echoes is a symbol of this type of approach. Images and
phrases merge together to explore situated human-environment relations
with regards to great world changes – influence of capitalism and
transnational policies among many – that produce movement, as much as
showing the peculiarities of each ethnographic site woven into the whole
of the fieldwork. The intention is to depict unique local realities in
response to fast global forces that interfere with their habits, cultures,
lives, sometimes creating the paradox of dealing first with worldwide
issues placing them before their local situations. As it is observed, in most
cases the only response, the only shift, hence the only wise move ahead is
to practice a sustainable life.