H.P. Lovecraft Film Festival presents

Lyhytelokuvapaketti sisältää 7 elokuvaa, perjantain näytöksen alustaa joensuulainen Lovecraft-asiantuntija ja kirjailija Lauri Lattu. Yhteiskesto noin 110 min. Ikäraja K18. Elokuvien kieli tai tekstitys on englanti.

The Hound

Directed by Melissa Arcak

Starring Anita Eichhorn, Dave Wick

17 mins | 2022 | Germany | German w/English subtitles

1982, somewhere in Germany: In search of a mysterious jade amulet, two grave robbers encounter a sinister beast that will protect its possessions at all costs.

At the Mountains of Madness

Directed by Francesco Santoro

Starring Daniele Messina, Marco Tè, Daniel De Rossi, Francesco Castellini

15 mins | 2022 | Italy | Italian w/English subtitles

Two young explorers of the Miskatonic Expedition are tasked with finding their leader who has mysteriously disappeared. In the search they discover an ancient evil that will plunge them into madness. Based on the novel by H.P. Lovecraft.


Directed by Andrew Stadler

Starring Heath Martin, Sarah Tyndal

10 mins | 2022 | United States | English

After a devastating freak accident, a mechanic is forced to evacuate to the desolate planet below unaware his ordeal is only just beginning.

Memento Mori

Directed by Paul O’Flanagan

Starring Mark Gatiss, Laura O’Flanagan

9 mins | 2021 | Ireland | English

A storm brews over Victorian Dublin as post-mortem photographer, Mr.Huxley, returns to his hallowed practice within the gloomy townhouse in which he resides. His latest subject is a recently-deceased young woman, whose presence conjures the demons of Huxley’s character – compelling him to confront the narcissistic life he has chosen to lead.

The Rise

Directed by Lorenzo Fassina

Starring Alessando Melito, Alice Pintus

10 mins | 2021 | Italy | Italian w/English subtitles

Mel is the only survivor of a psychedelic death cult from the 70’s. Thanks to his friend Alice he’s finally ready to follow his old cult members and reunite with THE GODS.


Directed by Lydiesther Guadalupe Portilla-Espinosa

Starring Molly Corkins

4 mins | 2021 | United States | English 

A woman suffers a terrible, cryptic nightmare whose origins may lie beyond the horizons of the known. From this surreally ominous vision, the viewer is invited to draw their own conclusions about the nature of their reality.

While Mortals Sleep

Directed by Alex Fofonoff

Starring Carie Kawa, Will Brill, Grace Rosen

14 mins | 2021 | United States | English

When a cold case novelist’s career implodes, she seeks refuge in her friend’s remote vacation home. Upon arrival, she encounters a strange couple who claim to be the caretakers. As tensions build, a dark secret begins to emerge.


Directed by Juho Aittanen

Starring Jaakko Väisänen, Seppo Paajanen

14 mins | 2016 | Finland | Finnish w/English subtitles

A love story between two men and a sentient planet. What happens when an artist’s relationship with his muse is threatened by an entity beyond the void of space? A short film based on the original story by H.P. Lovecraft.