Ghost of Cinemare, Cinema Tapio & Kulttuuritehdas Siihtala, Joensuu | 15th – 16th of August

Kulttuuritehdas Siihtala:

15:30: Lauri Lattu: Lovecraft-esitelmä

17:30: Die, Monster, Die!

19:30: Die Farbe


22:00: Color Out of Space

00:20: First Love

02:30: Surfer: Teen Confronts Fear

04:25: Bliss


Kulttuuritehdas Siihtala tickets: 6 € per film (no websales)

Tapio single ticket 9 €

Tapio ticket bundle (4 tickets) 26 €

Ticket sales at Cinema Tapio from August 6th, also at  Savon Kinot webshop.

All films are in English, except First Love (in Japanese with English subtitles) and Die Farbe (partly in German with Finnish subtitles)